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What does CID mean? Every SD memory card has internal registers in which important metadata about the card is stored. For example, the serial number (PSN), date of manufacture (MDT) and also who actually produced the memory card is written in the unique CID or Card Identification Number.

More precisely, there are two specifications for the producer: The Manufacturer ID (MID) and OEM/ODM/Application ID (OID). Both are only described with a two-digit ID, which is assigned by SD-3C LLC and whose assignment is kept secret. Nevertheless, we can resolve most common IDs thanks to research, contacts in the industry and matching it with our review database.

Please note that the manufacturer and OEM/ODM may differ from the brand of the memory card and it may still often be an original. Example: Lexar used to have its products manufactured by ODM Barun Electronics in Korea, after Lexar's acquisition by Longsys it's manufactured there. The Taiwanese Phison Electronic Corporation, on the other hand, is one of the most common vendors for well known brands such as Angelbird, Delkin, ProGrade, Sabrent, Sony or OWC.

How to read the CID from a SD card?

Built-in SD card readers can be used under Linux, which are connected natively and not via a USB bridge, since there is no direct access to the CID, CSD as well as various other metadata via USB. Insert the SD card and use the command cat sys/block/mmcblk0/device/cid to view the CID (might also be mmcblk1 or higher, depending on your system).

Windows users might, for example, use the SD Card Toolbox or other 3rd party software.

Let's analyze your sd card's CID

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What is this information for? Help us to improve our evaluation. With each submitted CID and the associated brand of the SD memory card, we can improve the recognition of the manufacturer, associated OEM/ODM and tell, how likely your SD card is fake or not.

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