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Memory Cards for Cameras

As if it wasn't complicated enough to find the right camera, the spoilt for choice continues with the memory card... That doesn't have to be!

We regularly test a large number of up-to-date memory cards with various camera models and make the test results available to you on In doing so, we consciously limit test candidates to established brand manufacturers such as ADATA, Kingston, Lexar, Panasonic, Samsung, SanDisk or Toshiba. Because in any case of doubt: After all, it's about your pictures and private memories.

If you asking yourself: Isn't my current memory card adequate? We try to test as many cameras as possible with some older memory cards as well, which in our experience belong to the most popular of their time.

If your camera is not listed below, please have a look at our overall rankings for SD memory cards and CompactFlash memory cards. In each ranking, total score incorporates results of various cameras and card readers, resulting in a representative mean value.

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