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Canon EOS 850D | EOS Rebel T8i

The Canon EOS 850D, also known as EOS Rebel T8i in north america, replaces the predecessor EOS 800D – and probably also the EOS 77D, due to the lack of a successor. It is therefore not surprising that a second dial moves into the camera body and the buffer for burst shooting has almost doubled. Uncompressed, approx. 40 pictures are possible at full speed, in C-RAW even 70-80 photos.

We generally recommend SDHC and SDXC memory cards with an UHS-I-interface, if you're using a Canon EOS 850D / Rebel T8i. More expensive UHS-II-cards do not offer any advantage in terms of speed (burst mode) or video capabilities. Filmmakers should however pay attention to an U3 or V30 speed class, otherwise video recordings in 4K mode might interrupt. All 4K-capable memory cards are marked with a corresponding -logo in the table below.


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