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Canon EOS R3

The Canon EOS R3 is the new flagship of the Japanese camera manufacturer, although it might not be the end of the line (EOS R1?). A new 24-megapixel sensor is used inside, which offers a very high readout speed as well as stabilization that allows up to 8 EV compensation in combination with stabilized lenses.

The biggest and most eagerly awaited innovation, however, is undoubtedly the Eye-Control autofocus, which allows the focus field to be controlled with the eye in viewfinder mode. Several calibrations can be stored in the camera for use in companies or by users with glasses and contact lenses. It is also possible to save and load settings from and to the Canon EOS R5.

The touch display also sets new standards with 4.2 million pixels and is fully flexible, the first time in Canon's flagship series. Together with the DIGIC X image processor, up to twelve frames/s are possible in continuous shooting mode with a mechanical shutter, and even up to 30 fps using the electronic shutter. Despite the rather moderate resolution, up to one gigabyte of data per second is created in the latter case.

Which storage media for continuous shooting and videos in the EOS R3?

For storage, the Canon EOS R3 offers two memory card slots - one each for SD and CFexpress memory cards. Already the SD card controller with UHS-II support achieves an impressive 250 MB/s. However, there is no way around CFexpress memory cards for maximum continuous shooting performance, 6K RAW videos, all-intra shots and 4K slow motions (120 FPS). The EOS R3 acknowledges corresponding attempts at video recordings with a corresponding error message before they even start.

Due to the very high data volume of 6K RAW videos (up to 2,600 Mbit/s) as well as 4K slow motions (1,880 Mbit/s), we recommend CFexpress memory cards with at least 500 GB storage space. 100 GB is sufficient for about 5 minutes of 6K RAW video. Alternatively 10 minutes of 4K slow motion or compressed 6K C-RAW.


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