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Canon EOS R3

The Canon EOS R3 has already caused a lot of excitement at the pre-announcement with the return of the Eye-Control autofocus, which was last known from analog SLR times. But other features like the Dual-IS-capable image stabilization with up to eight stops of compensation, 6K RAW video or a rotating and swiveling touch display are also new in Canon's professional world.

The DIGIC X image processing unit enables up to twelve frames per second with a mechanical shutter and even 30 frames per second with the electronic shutter in continuous shooting mode. Even in combination with a rather moderate 24 megapixels, this produces up to one gigabyte of data per second. For storage, the Canon EOS R3 offers two memory card slots - one each for SD and CFexpress memory cards.

Beeindruckende 250 MB/s erreicht bereits der SD-Karten-Controller zusammen mit UHS-II-Speicherkarten bei Serienbildaufnahmen. For 6K RAW videos, all-intra recordings and 4K slow motions (120 FPS) as well as the longest possible, uninterrupted image series, there is no way around CFexpress memory cards. Für alle anderen Videoformate, wie beispielsweise normales 4K-Video in IPB-Kompression, genügen bereits SD-Karten mit der Video-Geschwindigkeitsklasse V60 oder höher. Corresponding SD cards are marked with a label.


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