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Canon EOS R5

Canon's EOS R5 – or as we say internally: Memory Card Monster – is without any doubt the "hottest" topic in 2020's camera world. And probably the most controversial as well. With 45 megapixels, 8K video including the ability to record RAW video internally, an amazing low-light autofocus and up to 20 fps in burst mode, the EOS R5 is an exciting photo-video hybrid for professional users.

But, and now coming back to its nickname: The combination of high resolution stills and a fast burst mode, as well as the ability to record RAW videos internally, result in an enormous appetite for memory. This is probably the reasons why Canon has installed the, by far, fastest memory card controller that we came across in a consumer camera so far.

The Canon EOS R5 offers two memory card slots – one each for SD and CFexpress memory cards. The SD card controller with UHS-II support already achieves an impressive 250 MB/s in real-world testing. CFexpress cards are highly recommended for maximum continuous shooting performance and obligatory for RAW or All-Intra recordings in 8K and 4K respectively as well as for 4K slow-motions (120 FPS).

Due to the very high bitrates of 8K RAW video (2,600 Mbit/s) and 4K slow-motions (1,880 Mbit/s), we highly recommend CFexpress cards with at least 500 GB of storage space. 100 GB are enough for approx. 5 minutes of 8K RAW video or 10 minutes of 4K slow motion.


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