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Fujifilm X-T200

The Fujifilm X-T200 is the successor to the X-T100 and is the cheapest way into Fujifilm's T-series. The design in particular received some updates with a larger hand-grip, fully articulating, very high-resolution 16:9 display and an AF joystick. The burst speed (8 vs. 6 fps) and 4K video capabilities (30 vs. 15 fps) have also been significantly improved.

The X-T200 offers one SD card slot, located in the battery compartment at the bottom. The UHS-I protocol is supported and well implemented with up to ~80 MB/s in real world scenarios. Of course, you can also put UHS-II sd cards in the X-T200, even though they don't offer any speed advantages in terms of burst shooting or video capabilities. Be also aware that, according to our testing, some "low end" UHS-II cards were significantly slower than fast UHS-I cards.


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