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Nikon Z5

The Nikon Z5 can be seen as Nikon's first 2nd generation fullframe DSLM. Even if the Z5 is essentially a slightly stripped-down Z6, there are still small improvements such as a double memory card slot. In contrast to the Z6 and Z7, the Nikon Z5 also uses SD instead of more expensive XQD memory cards.

Luckily, both card slots support the fast UHS-II standard with up to about 170MB/s. However, the fast write speed is necessary in exceptional cases only, as the Nikon Z5 records a maximum of just 4.5 fps. Such a combination is, for instance, continuous shooting in RAW + JPEG F* settings. Those of you who "only" shoot in RAW or even JPEG can grab our price/performance tip from down below without a major loss in write speed.

Like the Nikon D780, the Nikon Z5 can be a bit picky at times. According to our experience, not all UHS-II memory cards are actually addressed in the corresponding mode, but only as UHS-I memory cards with around 60-75 MB/s.


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