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Nikon Z6

The Nikon Z6 is one of the first mirrorless full-frame camera from Nikon and was initially released in 2018. The Z6 is equipped with a 24MP sensor and 4K video support, using the quite fast EXPEED 6 image processor.

Unfortunately, the Nikon Z6 offer just one card slot – for memory cards being as fast as they're expensive: XQD 2.0 and its successor CFexpress. While the fastest XQD/CFx cards are priced similar to high-end SD (UHS-II) and CompactFlash cards, midrange XQD/CFx cards are at least twice as expensive as value for money SD cards (UHS-I).

According to our tests, most CFexpress memory cards achieve slower write speeds than XQD 2.0 cards. Since we expect CFexpress memory cards to be more future-proof than XQD, we would still recommend CFexpress cards for the Nikon Z6.

Important note: Firmware version 2.2 (December 2019) or higher is required to support CFexpress memory cards in the Nikon Z6's XQD card slot. Firmware updates on cameras with firmware 2.1 or earlier can only be performed with XQD memory cards.


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